Hello 2018

✌️ out 2017!

What a year, right? Thinking about the past year, so much happened, both good and bad, high and low. I’ll spare ya most of the micro details, but here are some worth mentioning…

Tess and I celebrated 11 years of marriage, whuuuut! I quit my job in March (giant steps) and went full freelance, and I’m still here. I met Matt from Easy Street Records (shout outs to Mr. Ryan Cory for the hook up) and did some amazing work for Pearl Jam and the record shop, both dream projects for sure. Stay tuned for a proper case study on Easy Street soon.

This site, dev’d by the even Stephen Scaff, got featured on some prominent website curations, and won a few awards to boot.

Tess went to Cebu, Philippines, in May, what an experience that was. She hadn’t been back since she was really young, an island girl at heart.

My son Paris graduated from high school in June, nice job buddy! I can’t believe so much time has passed, what a great, handsome young man. The future is bright son! Our youngest Kelsey, won the ‘Most Outstanding Musicianship’ award for his stellar violin work in the 6th grade orchestra. Keep practicing and plucking away bud!

Hmm, what else happened? My friend Max called me the day of the Radiohead show in April, said he had an extra ticket, and I rushed down there to see a superb show by a once-in-lifetime band. Tess and I also saw Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds at the Paramount, which after seeing, can now die a happy man (whenever that time may be).

Went to Park City in July with my parents and Kels, so good to be back there. Such a peaceful place with so much to do, or not do. Oh yeah, a total solar eclipse in August, what a trip that was! We were fortunate enough to snag some glasses from Tess’ office, worked like a charm. What else? Oh, took Paris to see his first proper show, Thundercat at the Showbox downtown in September. That dude can really play the bass.

November brought Thanksgiving and another fabulous meal at my parent’s house. And our pup JoJo had surgery to repair a herniated disk in her back. Oy, that was a killer, but our girl is still here. A Christmas present all over again.

Well, that’s it folks, here’s to 2018, make it a good one. Let’s make some cool shit together.