The Odyssey

A long and eventful journey

Oh man, I had so much fun putting Lehigh, a brand spanking new Lost Typeface from Daniel “Grayhood” Gneiding, to the test. The typeface is amazing and there are a ton of hidden gems including arrows, numbers in shapes, small caps, and even manicules & womanicules. You can pick that bad boy up over here.

To put Lehigh through the ringer, I ended up creating a 1960’s aeronautics themed newsletter that remained true to the aesthetics of the era, as well as putting my own ‘5 degrees of motion’ spin on things. Space and NASA have always been so fascinating to me, but I think I went even further into the atmosphere on this one, reading up on a lot of 60’s space history focused on the seven original American astronauts, the Mercury 7, and the astronauts who followed them shortly, who were the first Americans to orbit and ‘spacewalk’ the Earth. I learned so much about the pioneers who changed the space race forever.

Mission Patches

But it didn’t stop there. Upon getting the newsletter ready, I also created some mission patches that pay homage to the original ones, but feature slight updates and choices, and only Lehigh typefaces. I might have altered the colors a bit to make them more harmonious. I also created a custom Sigma symbol to the Mercury 8 patch that matches Lehigh.

Fig 1 of 0

Ready for Liftoff

It’s about the details in this slider gallery of compositions that feature credentials, pencils, pins, notepads and calculators from that time period. Check that slide rule!

“We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”

John F. Kennedy

Enamel Pin

And finally, everyone needs more pins, right? Introducing ‘The Odyssey’ pin, complete with alternate Lehigh ‘y’s and eclipsing planet. It goes perfect with a sleeveless jean jacket. Order yours today. Well, not really today, but if all goes well, soon.

Ultimately, I’d like to make a run of these and the patches—plus, print the newsletter. Would you be interested? To infinity and beyond, I hope you get the reference.