Given to Fly

Pearl Jam × Easy Street Pop Up Store

What else can I say but… DREAM JOB! So honored and humbled to work on such a great project for the best vinyl store in Seattle, Easy Street Records. Once again, my pal Ryan Cory has made these dreams possible, introducing me to the illustrious Matt Vaughan, owner of Easy Street in West Seattle for almost 3 decades, to collaborate on a new Pop Up shop. But, this wasn’t just any ole pop up, it was coinciding with Pearl Jam’s 2017 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band has given so much to Easy Street over the years, Matt felt like this was a chance to give some love back to them.

We also partnered up with Danny Clinch ★, superstar photographer, who has been working with the band for many years, and got some unbelievable shots to choose from. He and his team were so nice and easy to work with. Everyone involved with this project was really amazing to work with, really — hats off to Dustin Pilcher and the team over at Alphagraphics for a printing and installation job well done.

The thought was to keep it all class and all star — and to act as a solid foundation for Easy Street, the band, the rare art, vinyl and posters found inside the shop. Let all that killer content shine, plus add a sense of celebration. It turned out great, and rumor has it that one of the band member’s wife and daughters stopped by to get their photos taken in front of it — RAD!

Fig 1 of 0

I’m not quite sure how Ryan found the time to shoot, produce and edit this video, probably in a day, but boy he did, and it turned out soooo good. It was shared by the band and seen by the thousands when the pop up first opened. All of the comments were off the charts, so many people looking to stop by and wonder how long it’ll be open, etc.


“This is pretty rad! I like it.”

Clinch ★