Look Ma, I made it!

Back on the 20th of April I was thrilled to see I received a nomination for Site of the Day from CSS Design Awards. I put a lot of work into the site design and it paid off. Although it didn’t win Site of the Day (hard to compete with Adidas), like many other nominated artists out there, it was nice to be recognized. Plus, 38 +1’s so far ain’t half bad, so thanks for voting!

The site is a hit so far, mad love to Stephen and his web dev skills. It’s a trip going back through some old work and giving it new life, as well as introducing some newer projects that never got enough love. The site is super easy to update and add new work/thoughts, so stay tuned for more, as this sites grows with me along the way through my new journey as a freelancer.

Update: My site has won the Special Kudos Award for May 1st. Holy sh*t, this is awesome news. I’m so humbled and honored to have won this — future!

“💯 👀”

Eric Durr

“Typography wizard. Some things don't change. Remember you creating your own fonts when you were a young Chaun. Killer stuff…”

Fletcher Ohmart

“Gorgeous site and body of work. Love to see this!”

Nate Miller

“I don't even have to visit it to know it's awesome. Great job!”

Kristina Lee Anderson

“Engaging! I liked scrolling through the photos in the journal and the way the icons expand on the home page made me take a second look to see what was happening.”

JD Wallace