With Distinction

D is for Deep

Stoked to wake up this morning and see this message in my inbox from VSCO…

Chaun Osburn  —  Millions of images are shared on VSCO every day. Today, your image has been recognized by our Curation team. Thank you for sharing and contributing to VSCO, your community for expression.

Awesome! Even better, my wife and I were cutting it close to be on time that day to the ballet, so we were hustling, but I had to capture this pic of the elevator button signage real quick-like. D is for Deep, like 4 letters deep.

A shout out to my family and friends that are always so patient with me over the years, while I sometimes disappear for a sec, waiting on these moments to happen. Add another bonus for snapping a shot of something we’d need later on — a reminder of where we parked, haha.